Do I have to pay HST when buying a home?

January 10, 2010 · 22 comments


One of the most frequent questions I get from clients is about the upcoming Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and how it will affect the purchase of a home.  Here is the breakdown of the rules:

When does the HST take effect?

July 1, 2010.

How much tax will I be paying in total?

13% (That’s 5% GST + 8% PST).

I’m buying a resale home, so will I have to pay this HST?

Good news!  The answer is NO!  If you’re buying a resale home, you simply pay the purchase price as usual.

I’m thinking of buying a new home from the builder, so will I have to pay this HST?

Ouch, yes you do!

But wait, I heard there is some sort of rebate program in place if I bought a brand new home?

The Province is proposing a rebate so that new homes across all price ranges would receive a 75 per cent rebate of the provincial portion of the single sales tax on the first $400,000. For new homes under $400,000, this would mean, on average, no additional tax amount compared to the current system.

Is there anything else that I would have to pay HST on?

Unfortunately, they’re hitting you everywhere.  You’ll be paying HST on legal fees, moving costs, home inspection fees, and real estate commissions.

Where can I find out the full details of this tax and how it works?

You can read all the exciting details right here.

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